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Exhibition activities

  •      All our staff will participate in the seventeenth China World Exhibition on pharmaceutical raw materials next month in Shanghai in June 20th
        On June 2017 20-22, "seventeenth annual CPHI China Exhibition" (CPhI & BioPh China 2017) will be jointly "2017 world pharmaceutical contract custom service China Exhibition (ICSE China 2017)," the twelfth world pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials China Exhibition "(P-MEC & InnoPack China 2017) and" the 2017 world biochemical analysis, instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition "China (LABWorld China 2017), constitute a large global pharmaceutical industry trade platform, provide solutions from the integration of pharmaceutical raw materials, contract customization, bio pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory equipment solutions for professionals. Its exhibition has a total exhibition size of 165000 square meters, more than 2800 exhibitors, 75000 professional buyers at home and abroad, more than 200 meetings and activities. Changes in the pattern of the global pharmaceutical market, strong domestic demand for medicine, CPhI for domestic pharmaceutical enterprises in the development of the pharmaceutical industry chain provides an excellent opportunity for the development of each section. The exhibition mode of "zone special exhibition" will also maximize the cohesion of the target audience for the enterprise and improve the display effect. All the staff and the grand duke have been to a top world pharmaceutical raw material festival!